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Learn about pet insurance for your dog

Dog Insurance

Pet Circle Insurance is here to offer peace of mind protection to Pet-Parents in Australia. Our policy is designed to empower you and your vet to give the best care possible to your dog.

With 35+ registered vets on staff, we hear about the positive impacts of pet insurance all the time. Our policy has been designed with help from vets: no Sub-Limits, cancel any time (but you may not get full refund for your monthly premium paid) and a Pet Care Team on hand for any questions! With vets, vet nurses and a Customer Service team.

“Pet insurance is like house insurance and car insurance. It is a safeguard for those big unexpected expenses. No one expects to have to spend $10,000 in one night, but it happens.” Dr Lacey BVSc (Hons)

Why insure your dog?

It gives your vet more options

Just like humans, when a dog gets sick, it might need diagnostic tests, medication and possibly an operation. Having a pet insurance will allow you and your vet to make the best decision based on your dog’s needs.

Financial security

Our policy is designed for the unexpected events, with no sneaky sub limits. There is no Medicare for pets, so you need to have a plan if your dog gets injured or sick, as you might be surprised with a treatment bill worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Simply, it could save their life

If the worst does happen to your dog, you have a safety net in place and you do not have to choose between money and your dog’s life.

Give them more than the basics

After orthopaedic surgeries, your dog would heal better with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. These therapies can be expensive and may be needed for months. These options are usually only available to pet-parents with top level pet insurance covers, but are covered by our 360 Care.

Claim up your annual limit with no sneaky sub-limits.

Claim up to an overall annual limit of $30K.

With Pet Circle Insurance, you can cancel your policy at any time even if you have submitted and we have paid claims on a policy (but you may not get full refund of any monthly premiums you have paid).

Email a registered vet about your pet, chat to a registered vet nurse or speak to a pet insurance expert.

Take your pet to any qualified and registered vet in Australia.

Pet insurance to empower you and your vet to treat unexpected mishap or illness.

Receive up to 90% of eligible vet expenses, less any applicable annual excess and subject to the annual limit – no sub limits.

Get a quote in seconds, and claim easily online. If we need more info, you have a dedicated team on hand to help!

We only have one type of policy, with no sub-limits, but you can personalise the level of care for your dog and optional care add-ons to choose from!

What’s included?

Annual Limit Options$10,000 / $17,500/ $30,000
Benefit Percentage Options70% / 80% / 90%
Annual Excess Options$0 / $75 / $150
Covers accidental injuryYes
Emergency boardingYes
Chronic Conditions**Yes

Optional Care Add-ons
• Dental illness
• Behavior Therapy
• Supportive therapies (acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy)
Consultation CoverYes
Exclusion Periods
• Accidental Injury ( Except specified conditions)1 day
• Illness (Excluding specified conditions)14 days
Optional Behavioral Problems6 months
Specified Conditions (?)6 months
Optional Dental Illness Exclusion Period
• Pets < 1 year old14 days
• Pets 1 year old and over6 months

*Pre-existing Conditions and other exclusions, terms & conditions apply. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

** As long as You continue to hold the cover, pay Your Premium when it falls due and meet the conditions of cover, We will not refuse to provide You with a Renewal Policy due to the number of claims You may have made or if Your Pet has developed chronic conditions.

Our excess are annual, unlike some others which often are on a per claim or per condition basis per year!

Give your dog the best care with our 360º optional extra


Dental Illnesses

Examples of Dental Illnesses include – Dental diseases, gingivitis, periodontal disease.


Behavioural Problems

Behavioural Problems include – Excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive chewing.


Support Therapies

Supportive Therapies include – Acupuncture, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

How much will I get back?

Claims can be confusing, so here’s an example of how we calculate your percentage back.

* Always refer to your policy terms and conditions to see what vet costs are covered. Actual refunded amount will depend on bill total and excess amount. This scenario has been created as an example only, and does not reflect the actual amount that will be paid with each claim.

Say you take out a policy with an $10k annual policy limit with 360º Care for your dog, with 90% percentage back and an annual excess of $75.

If your first claim with us is for a vet bill totalling $10,000, the amount you get back will be calculated like the following. (Your first claim each year will be subject to your annual excess).

How much will I get back? = (eligible vet cost* – Annual Excess) x % back

= ($10k – $75) x 90%
= $9,925 x 90%

You will get back $8,932.50*


What are pre-existing conditions?

A Pre-existing Condition is defined as: An Injury, Illness, Dental Illness, Behavioural Problem or Specified Condition (including Bilateral Conditions, and other conditions that are related to, secondary to, or results of) that:

a. First occurred or showed symptoms of, or

b. Was identified or investigated by a Vet, or

c. You were aware of or a reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected to have known about, before Your Pet’s First Date of Cover, before any applicable Exclusion Period has finished, or if You increase Your cover before a change of cover became effective.

At what age can I start my pet’s insurance policy?

When purchasing a new Policy:

  • the minimum age for entry for a Pet is 6 weeks old; and
  • the maximum age for entry is 8 years and 364 days old.

Once you have insurance there is no age limit, as long as continuous cover is held.

Does Pet Circle Insurance cover for regular check ups?

No, pet insurance covers for unexpected medical expenses due to an illness or injury as opposed to expected health maintenance such as vaccinations, health checks, parasite preventatives, food, grooming and supplements.

Does age have an impact on premiums?

There are a number of factors involved in determining the premium levels, and a pet’s age plays an important part. Like humans, as pets age, the likelihood of them falling ill increases and the cost of veterinary procedures generally also increases. This means that the premium is likely to increase each year to make sure we can keep helping with your pet’s veterinary costs. This is a general guide only, and future premium levels can also be impacted by other factors including, but not limited to, a pet’s breed and general increase in the cost of veterinary treatment over time.

What does Pet Circle Insurance not cover?

Pet Circle Pet Insurance does not provide cover for the cost of preventative and routine items such as health examinations and tests, vaccinations, grooming, food, parasite prevention and supplements. It also does not provide coverage for any Pre-existing Conditions, including conditions that have arisen within a relevant Exclusion Period. Furthermore, any elective procedure such as desexing or additional vet costs such as after-hours fees or house-call costs when a vet does not consider it an emergency are not covered.

What type of pets do you insure?

Dogs and cats.

Our policy has been designed for pets, so it does not provide cover for cats or dogs that participate in commercial or sporting activity, such as working (including work on a farm), fighting, racing, personal protection, gun sports, law enforcement or guarding.

Our policy may cover dogs and cats who are training for, participate in, or are, show dogs/cats, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs or assistance dogs

Is dental care covered?

If you purchase a policy with 360 Care extras, it will include coverage for dental illness such as dental disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease, as long as it is not Pre-existing Condition (including those arising within a relevant Exclusion Period). It does not include cover for routine or elective dental work.

Can I take my pet to any vet?

Yes, you can use any licensed and currently registered vet in Australia.

When does my cover begin?

Cover commences at 23:59 on the day you purchase cover. There are Exclusion Periods for both accidental injury (1 day) and Illness (14 days) and specified conditions (6 months).

Is pet Insurance worth it?

Unexpected bills can be tricky to budget for, and no pets are excluded from illnesses or injuries. Having peace of mind that you can go ahead with the medical or surgical treatment your pet requires when sick or injured can let you focus on providing what they need rather than worrying about the cost and how you will afford it. But, it is important to remember that not all conditions are covered, such as Pre-existing Conditions (including those that arise within a relevant Exclusion Period).