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More than just Optional Extras

All pets could benefit from getting proper veterinary treatment for their conditions, helping their healing process, and this can look different for each pet. For example, hydrotherapy after knee surgery, dental surgery for periodontal disease or even seeing a vet for separation anxiety … but most pet insurance policies do not cover these. We know that these procedures can be expensive; but they can be life changing.

Our 360º Care is an optional extra that can be added onto your policy. It gives you extra benefits and extended cover for some conditions and treatments not otherwise covered under your policy. We designed it with our vets to include things your pet needs to heal holistically from an accident or illness, helping them getting back to playing in the park as fast as possible!

Did you know, 90% of dogs over age of 2 have dental diseases?1 While our policy does not include general dental check-ups and cleanings, it does include treatment for dental illness, provided the conditions are not Pre-existing Conditions – eg arise before or during a relevant Exclusion Period.

The best part is that 360 Care treatments can be claimed, up to your annual limit, working seamlessly with your main insurance policy.


Dental Problems

Recent studies report that almost 90% of dogs will have developed some form of periodontal disease by the age of 2. In cats, up to 70% show signs of tooth resorption, a destructive and painful process where the tooth structure breaks down2.

While our policy does not include general dental check-ups and routine teeth cleanings, it does cover the cost of certain dental illness. With 360º Care you can claim costs of dental procedures or dental surgery performed to treat issues like gingivitis or periodontal disease.


Behavioural Problems

Pets can exhibit behavioural problems, as a result of stress and anxiety. These behaviours include excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive chewing. Veterinarians have reported a rise in the number of behavioural issues seen in pets, especially with the increase in pet ownership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like people, pets can also suffer from mental illness. With 360º Care, you can claim costs of vet treatment and consultation from a registered vet about your pet’s behavioural problems.


Supportive Therapies

Cats and dogs can benefit from physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or acupuncture as a way to improve their mobility and recovery from surgery, injury or illness. One study showed that physiotherapy and hydrotherapy improved the size and strength of the thigh muscle in dogs that had undergone knee surgery by 650% (yes-650!) compared to those who did not receive the therapy3. The range of motion in the affected limb also improved by 170% compared to dogs that only had home therapy. With 360º Care you can claim costs associated with some of these therapies to put your pet on track for a successful recovery.

Reminder about Pre-existing conditions

To give your pet the best chance of coverage under a pet insurance policy, it’s always a good idea to apply for pet insurance before conditions or issues arise. It’s important to remember that conditions that happen before you take up insurance or those that arise within a relevant Exclusion Period may not be covered. In other words, if your pet already has an injury, it won’t be covered by pet insurance, so the best time to get pet insurance is when your pet is a puppy or kitten.