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We’re Pet People

Pet Circle was born with the notion of helping pet parents get the best products for their pets, as simply and conveniently as possible. The company was conceived back in 2011 with a man and his dog. Simply put, our future CEO Mike noticed his dad had stopped buying their dog’s favourite food, a recent back injury meant he couldn’t carry the 15kg bags from the pet store! Mike knew that if his dad was struggling, other Pet-Parents would be too.

Fast forward to 2022, thousands of Aussie households added a Pet to their family during the pandemic and living costs are increasing. At Pet Circle, we are now experts in pet, have 35 vets in our team and are trusted by nearly a million Pet-Parents every year to help them spend more quality-time with their pets. But we knew that we could do more, our Vets were telling us everyday!

90% of our vets still work in Vet Practices across Australia part-time! They meet Pets and Pet-Parents every day, as well as chatting to Pet Circle customers online and over tele-health. The biggest barrier they face in giving the best treatment possible, was one thing: Pet Insurance. Either Pet-Parents didn’t have any, or the policies they did have, were not up to scratch.

So we set out with a new goal, Pet Circle Insurance was to empower every Pet-Parent to Pet-Better, simple right? Our care starts with everyday Vet lead education and ends with Peace of Mind protection. A ‘Best for Pet’ philosophy underpins every decision we make.